SEP-09 (3 March 2014)

The 9th SCOPE-CM executive panel took place at EUMETSAT on the 3rd of March 2014.

– Meeting agenda

– SCOPE-CM status report

Final minutes from SEP09

You can find the presentations that were given during the SEP9 meeting.

SCOPE-CM concept (L. Schueller)

SCOPE-CM interaction with GSICS (T. Hewison)

Maturity Matrix (J. Schulz)

Individual projects presentations (pdf files)

  • SCM_SEP09_01 (J. Bates):  Sustained generations of upper tropospheric humidity Climate Data Records from multiple sensors with multi-agency cooperation.
  • SCM_SEP09_02 (T. Manninen): Multiplatform surface albedo demonstrator from polar-orbiting satellites.
  • SCM_SEP09_03 (A. Lattanzio): Land surface albedo from geostationary satellites (LAGS).
  • SCM-04: Utility of Satellite derived winds for Monsoon and Cyclone studies over Indian region.
  • SCM_SEP09_05 (K.-G. Karlsson): Advancing the status of the AVHRR FCDR.
  • SCM_SEP09_06 (V. John): Inter-calibration of passive imager observations from time-series of geo stationary satellites (IOGEO).
  • SCM_SEP09_07 (M. Schroeder): Liquid Water Path and Rain Water Path Climatologies in the GPM era.
  • SCM_SEP09_08 (A. von Engeln): Radio occultation based gridded climate data sets (RO-CLIM).
  • SCM_SEP09_09 (J. Bates): Sustained production of the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) cloud products.
  • SCM_SEP09_10 (T. Kurino): Atmospheric Motion Vectors and Clear/All Sky Radiances from historical meteorological satellites in geostationary and polar orbit.