Webex (10 May 2017)

Final minutes of the meeting 


1400: Roll Call (Doutriaux Boucher)

1402: Welcome (Privette)
— New Member Status
— Review of Agenda
— Announcing EUMETSAT/SEP Meeting in Rome

1405: SCM Project Updates (5 minutes each)
— SCM-01 Shi
— SCM-02 Manninen
— SCM-03 Lattanzio
— SCM-05 Karlsson
— SCM-06 Roebeling
— SCM-07 Bennartz
— SCM-08 Gleisner
— SCM-09 Knapp
— SCM-10 Shimoji

1455: Implementation Plan Update: Path Forward (Privette)
— Approach and Content
— Authoring and Reviewing Assignments
— Schedule

1515: Debriefs from Recent Meetings with Partners (3 minutes each)
— WMO Operational Space-based Weather and Climate Extremes (SWCEM) Workshop (February; Bojinski)
— Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP-3) (May; Bojinski)

1521:  Forthcoming Meetings with Partners
— CGMS-45 (June; Privette; Request SCM Participant)

1525:  Review of New Actions (Doutriaux Boucher)

1528  Wrap-Up (Privette)

1530:  End


Presentations on project’s status

SCM01 by L. SHi

SCM02 by T. Manninen (A. Riihelä)

SCM03 by A. Lattanzio

SCM05 by K.-G. Karlsson

SCM09 by K. Knapp

SCM06 by R. Roebeling

SCM08 by H. Gleisner

SCM10 by K. Nonaka