SEP 14 (7-8 February 2019)


The SEP met in Darmstadt in September alongside the CEOS SIT and WGClimate meetings (SEP13), and there converged upon a focus for SCOPE-CM Phase III (currently we are at the end of Phase II). The SEP 14 meeting will therefore serve as a Phase II close-out meeting.  Besides planning details of Phase III activities, we especially hope representatives from all SCM projects can provide Phase II conclusion presentations at this time

The SEP 14 final agenda is here.


Werner Balogh has set up a SCOPE-CM-14 meeting page at, which can also be accessed through the link in the WMO Space Programme Meetings and Event Calendar at

List of Hotels close to WMO headquarters.


SCM-01 (Lei Shi)

SCM-02 (Terhikki Manninen)

SCM-03 (Alessio Lattanzio)

SCM-04 (not present)

SCM-05 (Karl-Göran Karlsson)

SCM-06 (Rob Roebeling given by Alessio Lattanzio)

SCM-07 (Closed)

SCM-08 (Hans Gleisner)

SCM-09 (Ken Knapp)

SCM-10 (Kenichi Nonaka)